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Vintage China Rentals

Our china rental company is located in the heart of the central San Joaquin Valley in Clovis, California.  We began our collectible journey three years ago when we started purchasing small dessert plates for a backyard farewell party for our college-bound daughter.  We were so inspired by the beautiful, delicate patterns that we began to dream of a wedding someday, on a summer evening, where guests would sit down to dine at tables laid with fine vintage china, silver-plated flatware, and lovely floral linens.  As our collection grew, so did our awareness that we were not the only ones who shared this vision and an idea took  shape:  the miscellaneous assortment of items we had gathered could be used to fulfill more dreams than our own.  We realize that time is a precious commodity, especially when planning a significant and meaningful life event.  The hours we have spent searching for treasures could be useful to anyone who is as enchanted as we are by the charm and  hospitality of the past.  If you live in the Fresno/Clovis area and are looking for a selection of vintage china to enhance the beauty of your special event, we would be pleased if we could serve you in creating the day you envision, surrounded by the love of family and friends.


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